About Masthead Venture Partners

Masthead's partners possess successful track records creating long-term value in early-stage companies. We seek market-making ventures with strong teams and powerful intellectual property in high-growth segments. The current investment environment is demanding, but presents large opportunities for companies that can envision and execute a successful investment plan based on a proven strategy:

Invest in what you know. We focus on those sectors in which we have the most experience, leveraging our first-hand operational knowledge to help our portfolio companies accelerate through stages of growth and development. We have deep industry knowledge of high-tech and new media. Our combined 100 years of successful experience in private equity investing, operating businesses and investment banking have created a vast network of strategic relationships that can provide our portfolio companies with a competitive edge.

Trust solid fundamentals. Masthead seeks ventures that offer must-have products and next-generation intellectual property. There is no substitute for solid fundamentals: strong leadership with field-tested management, fiscal responsibility, innovative technology for emerging high-growth markets and commitment to the customer. We seek those companies that combine all these characteristics.

Access the Masthead Network. Masthead has created a strong network of entrepreneurs, scientific and technical leaders, academics and others to help build value within our portfolio companies. We help visionary entrepreneurs make their dreams become profitable businesses. Each company in our portfolio has the opportunity to leverage our deep industry experience to maximize its competitiveness in defining and leading emerging markets.

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