Investment Strategy

Our strategy leverages our strengths: our experience in investment management and business operations; our deep knowledge of high-tech and healthcare solutions and markets; and our partner network for deal flow, due diligence, and business development for our portfolio companies. We maintain a low deal to partner ratio so that we have the opportunity to play proactive roles with our portfolio companies. Masthead partners adhere to a set of investment principles, which help guide us in seeking out successful early-stage ventures that can lead to long-term value:

Be selective. Our investments are highly selective. We focus on those fields in which we have excelled: software, Internet infrastructure, communications technology and IT-intensive life science applications.

Choose ventures built for success. Our deep industry experience not only opens valuable doors, but also helps us identify which opportunities are most likely to succeed. Masthead partners are able to see which ventures are founded on sound fundamentals and a clear value proposition. Our strict standards and intensive due diligence process ensure that we invest only in companies that can follow through on their plans to become dominant players in large emerging markets.

Form a team that works. We have found that the key to every successful venture is a top management team. What determines the quality of that team is its ability to implement. We can help entrepreneurs execute their visions. We are hands-on and committed to building growth and value for our portfolio companies. With a highly selective investment plan, Masthead partners are able to offer portfolio companies strategic advice, from the technological and financial to human capital, and access to our extensive network of industry leaders, influencers and partners for strategic alliances and business development.

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