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If you are interested in receiving funding from us, please visit the For Entrepreneurs section of our Web site.

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Masthead Venture Partners
55 Cambridge Parkway, Suite 103
Cambridge, MA 02142-1234
Telephone: 617.621.3000
Fax: 617.621.3055

For directions please visit Masthead Cambridge Directions page

Press Inquiries:
Send an email to or phone 617.621.3000 x110 for Brady Bohrmann.

Masthead's portfolio companies are hiring for executive positions, as well as engineering, marketing, sales, service and support talent. Please send your resume to:

Business Plans:
If you would like to submit your business plan, please review the information under How to Submit a Business Plan in the For Entrepreneurs section of the web site.

General inquiries may be sent to:
Please do not send business plans to Due to the volume of inquiries, business plans sent to this email address will not be considered.

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