Portfolio Companies

Masthead invests in entrepreneurs who have breakthrough technologies and the experience required to build market-dominant businesses. We leverage the synergies among our portfolio companies and partners to offer entrepreneurs access to new markets and pave the way to profitability. The Masthead network yields strategic alliances that help start-ups gain momentum and new business opportunities. Masthead partners have a top-tier investment track record.

Some of our recent investments include:

AEP Networks (acquired by Ultra Electronics Holdings plc in September 2011)
AEP Networks is the specialist in network and application access security. AEP's integrated suite of solutions -- spanning identity-based application security gateways, highly secure IPSec VPNs, SSL VPNs, and hardware security modules for key management -- address the most demanding security and access requirements of public-sector and commercial enterprises worldwide.

Bitpipe (acquired by TechTarget in December 2004)
Leading source of in-depth information technology content including white papers, product literature, webcasts, analyst reports, and case studies.

Ecount (acquired by Citigroup in March 2007)
Enables its partners to provide industry-leading stored value cards, virtual accounts and electronic payment solutions.

Centric Software
Centric Software accelerates product innovation through its industry-leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications suite, Centric Innovation. The solution enables manufacturers to manage product innovation programs and campaigns to deliver market-dominating products within critical windows of opportunity.

Chumby Industries was birthed at O’Reilly’s FOO camp in the summer of 2005 by alpha geeks who wanted to create a WiFi enabled device for the consumer market. The Chumby device acts like a clock radio, but is designed to be open, flexible and hackable. It uses the wireless Internet connection to fetch cool widgets (like Flickr photos, clocks, news information and video podcasts) from the Chumby web site.

Expo TV is a new video solution to product research, with thousands of consumer-generated reviews and product demonstrations all available in full-motion video. In addition to the video reviews contributed by our community, we also produce informative ‘how to buy’ videos and have advertising partners who have contributed product demonstration videos.

Genesis Networks (acquired by Global Crossing in October 2010)
Genesis Networks provides broadcasters with global video transmission services over fiber and satellite that leverage the cost and integration advantages of Internet Protocol (IP) technology. Its fiber optic network connects major broadcast hubs throughout the world, and provides easy access to satellites through major teleports and transportable uplinks. Genesis Networks is the first company to provide guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for video-over-IP. Genesis further offers its proprietary software system to give customers control of the network themselves, allowing dynamic, real-time and instant access the video services.

Intercasting Corp.(acquired by Good Technology in May 2009)
Intercasting Corp is a Location-aware Media Networking Operator (LMNO) building consumer applications for the mobile space that turn their customers into producers and distributors of location-tagged content. Their landmark product, Rabble, is the first fully mobile-centric blogging and social networking application.

Liquid Machines, Inc. (aquired by Check Point in June 2010)
Provides enterprise class software solutions allowing for unprecedented capabilities to secure, protect, and share intellectual property that resides in proprietary documents.

NewsGator Technologies, Inc.
NewsGator Technologies is the premier RSS (Really Simple Syndication) platform company, providing software applications and services for end-users to manage and aggregate their syndicated news and content.

Packet Design, Inc.
Develops a family of network appliances that improve the reliability, efficiency and predictability of IP networks by providing IP-layer (layer 3) visibility into those networks.

RuleStream Corporation
Rules-driven Product Management (RPM) software.

Scanbuy is the leading carrier-grade platform for applications that generate, image, and decode one dimensional (1D) and two dimensional (2D) barcodes for mobile devices, connecting consumers to the physical world through a single click of their camera phones. Marketers can generate highly targeted mobile campaigns connected to printed and digital media, while mobile carriers can offer highly differentiated data services to their subscribers. Scanbuy's own Shopper application offers consumers access to best prices, reviews, coupons, promotions and more by simply pointing their camera phones at barcodes on merchandise.

SyChip, Inc. (acquired by Murata Manufacturing in April 2006)
Designs, develops and markets Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and Chip Scale Modules for the wireless Internet appliance market.

Tacoda Systems (acquired by AOL in September 2007)
A New York-based application software and services provider enabling marketing driven businesses to optimize a persistent consumer dialogue across multiple channels for maximum profitability.

Tizor (acquired by Netezza Corporation in February 2009)
Boston-based startup leading a new generation of internal security appliances for Information protection and Compliance auditing across the data center.

Tremor Media
Tremor Media provides advertisers with in-banner and in-stream video advertising inventory on 300 top-tier publisher sites with a combined 70 million unique visitors per month. Tremor provides publishers with a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI, including in-stream publisher ad insertion technology and full-service video advertising packages. Tremor's solutions provide the necessary tools for advertisers and publishers to utilize online video advertising as a powerful interactive medium. For more information visit:

TripConnect, Inc.
Using social networking technologies, TripConnect helps people get travel advice from the most highly valued source: friends and family. TripConnect answers a need for trusted advice on destinations, hotels and activities by tapping into the otherwise undiscovered knowledge that exists in one's social network, thereby delivering high quality and relevant information in a simple and efficient manner.

Vivify Technologies
Vivify delivers the leading enterprise-class Rich-Internet Application (RIA) framework for creating and deploying feature-rich, maintainable applications that leverage the power of the Internet. Vivify’s framework accelerates the development of standards-based Internet applications, including applications migrated from legacy client/server systems.

World Wide Packets, Inc. (acquired by Ciena Corporation in March 2008)
Develops, manufactures and markets products enabling delivery of simultaneous telephony, video and data using Ethernet over fiber and copper.

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